by Ocean Embers

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released May 27, 2017

recorded by Sam Vincent at OP Studios in 2017



all rights reserved


Ocean Embers UK

Ocean Embers are a five-piece alternative band hailing from the UK south east coast. Influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, Deftones and Architects, the quintets sound combines powerful moments of vigorous energy with moving soundscapes of ambient electronica, creating songs that will stay with you through both the darkness and the light. ... more

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Track Name: Parting Waves
Keeper of the flame
Slow rolling wave
Elemental dreamscape
Take me away

The lights, the sound
This world, I drown
Entangled by a state of mind
I don't need you now
I've found my own strength
So no longer will I disavow

You do not get it
I am never going back
You better get out
Or you'll never turn around
I am not the dying sun
Are we bound by crosses

I was lost in illusions of the world
All that I could see was chemicals
Mystical alterations of reality
Crawling in my skin

We exist in parallel worlds
Augmented dimensions
Plagued by dark transparency
Destroy yourself or run
Track Name: Acid Loop
So this is how it's going to end
An apparition of a deathly silence
Don't walk away, the bad will stay
Absence acts as deadly violence
Hollowed out, lost under my skin
I'm just the ghost of an ancient ruin
An age old ceremonial process
We never learn no matter how far we progress

Can you take me back
I want to see the life that we once knew
Before we got caught up in this acidic loop
(Acidic loop)
And I'm so spent
Spending more time
Spending more time wasting youth

I have been stuck in this life cycle
Searching for a reason to open my door
(Below the surface)
I am an empty shell
Forever wandering in everlasting hell
I know that's just my clouded sight
Deluded by the choices that I made that night
(We are lost in our minds)
How can I make this right
Circling the ring in an eternal fight
But then I see a sign
A light up in the sky
It could just be nothing but a stranger to you and I
I just hallucinate
Is there a better way
It seems that when it's time to go all I can do is wait
I try to leave for better days
But there's these walls blocking my way 
Where there was none before
Please tell me why I can't escape anymore

Sing me to sleep tonight
I don't want to live inside a lucid lie
I'll dream of my life with you
Sing me to sleep tonight
Sweet hallucination will you hold me tight
I'll travel time and space with you
Track Name: Sky City
The sky is at war with the ground
Constantly burning up the atmosphere
Like flaming arrows
Draw, aim, fire

Flying right up from the earth
Our life on top of the world

The city lights
Beam down from the skyline
I'll be your ride
Your guide through the night

Let's get out of this town
It's a recurring nightmare
Losing myself inside your secrets
Conjuring dreams
Don't tell a single soul
We'll break through the periphery
We'll float into the sky
Such a beautiful mystery

Heavenly flight from those angel eyes
You sent me away into cloud nine